Myself within A Space Indoor / Outdoor

Space is around us all the time and sometimes we may not pay attention to how it makes us feel. It becomes the same mundane thing we do every day at some point. In this set place, you may feel happy, sad or just on edge. Maybe this space has smells all around that smell good. Does the place have a crowd or is this place open and spacious? The place I picked and always had in mind is any Michal’s craft store. Now some of them have a different smell to them, but it make that store unique in a way. I’ve always enjoyed entering the store to look find and see the things I want and need to make artwork. Its a comfotable place that is relaxing to walk throughout. I always take my time when walking in Michal’s craft store. Some time I go to Michal’s just to get ideas of what I can make with supplies that I have on hand. Michal’s is a common store to find and walk around in. They have music that plays on the intercomms but I hardly pay attention to it unless theres a good song playing.