I bet you thought i was talking about a real gift shop. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is nothing to do with a gift shop here. I am actually talking about a movie that i watched with interest. A wonderful movie about graffiti art in the world. All filmed by one man that seen and knew all the street artist. He got there story he got there life and then he made one of his own. Graffiti art is seen as vandalism and destroying of ones property. But the flip side is that its art and that it can be beautiful. As an artist myself graffiti  is art and i see it just as that. Graffiti art has been around for along time and will always be that way. Now each artist has a different view of there art and why they are doing it. Some works may deal with politics or current events. There work can be a personal conflict or conflict with what is going on around them. Either or way the work will always make a statement that stirs the pot.



I do not own this image original source : http://www.sodahead.com/living/do-you-think-graffiti-is-vandalism-or-art/question-4706770/



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