Starship Troopers

In the distant future of the time in 1997. The world is run over with giant alien bugs. All that is know is the want to destroy human kind. So the only solution was to take war to there planet. They create a mobile Infantry team to combat the alien race. After graduating friends decide to join the battle or to continue on with other plans. One young man decides to join up for the fight only for a woman he loves. With is father unhappy the young man still continues forward. He leave behind his family and all the wealth just for this woman. After he gets to his location of being mobile infantry he soon finds some old friends and makes a few new ones. After the days training he goes and video writes to his woman. She video writes back and she tells him that he better be a commander by now or else. She was helping him get his way to the top. He ends up losing that rank because of a death from a comrade in live ammo fight. She video writes back and decides to end there relationship. He ends up going out with friends and gets drunk and tattooed.

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An Idea of Visual Culture

Look out your suburban window. Now look back here.  Did you see it out the window? What about last night’s drive you took with your friends. I bet you seen it there.  Go inside look around.  I know you’ve seen it laying around or in your hand. Visual culture is all around us. I mean are you drinking that Coca-Cola sitting on your table, well maybe your not, but its right there. The colors so bright, so in your face to make you grab it, want to buy it. Seeing all this then makes you think of those shows you watch. I bet it was there too, advertising that Taco Bell or maybe McDonalds. But why are they colored in a way to grab your attention, what do they want you to feel? I know I hear you, you think I’m crazy, that they only picked those colors because it puts them out there. But really think about the colors meaning to you. How do you feel right now? Are you happy, mad, or sad? What color do you think of with these emotions – orange, yellow, RED, or blue. Color has meaning. Blue is trusting and strong.  Red is exciting and bold.  Yellow is warm and optimistic. These colors impact us everyday even if your not thinking about them. Take away the colors to any name brand.  I bet you could fill in the colors. Have someone describe McDonalds’ logo without showing you anything about it. Think about this, they say one a day keeps a doctor away and it has a bite out of it. Two circles one inside the other, the one on the inside is smaller with a woman, wavy lines, and a crown. Six colors in a half moon shape. What were those companies – Apple, Starbucks, and NBC. Did you get them right? I know you did. Because we are subconsciously plastered with them everyday – whether it is while driving, watching TV, or through social media.

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